Auxiliary Classes

*Included in all Unlimited CrossFit Memberships


Tuesday's at 11:00am

A one hour session focused on quality movement, mechanics and range of motion.  With the use of myofascial release, muscle recruitment, activation, dynamic and static stretching you will move better!    

Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Club

Tuesday's at 12:00pm and Saturday's at 10:30am

A 90 Min. session focused on the mechanical, technical and strength demands of Olympic Weightlifting.  Helping you become a more powerful athlete!


Tuesday at 9:30am and Thursday at 9:30am

A one hour session devoted to the development of your cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular endurance.  With the use of monostructural and multidirectional movement we will build your motor!


Clinics Scheduled Monthly

Two hour sessions focused on developing your core to extremity strength, body control, awareness and super fun skills!

Family Friendly

Kids are welcome in the kids play area during all class times.