F.I.T. is designed to push your limits, keep you focused, and get you stronger. Whether you're six or sixty, just starting out or looking to compete, our program is designed to motivate and produce results.


Class Schedule

60 MINUTE Group Classes

Mon.      9:30am . 4:30pm

Wed.      9:30am . 4:30pm

Fri.         9:30am . 4:30pm

Membership Rates

Month to Month . $100/Month

Three Month Commitment . $95/Month

Six Month Commitment . $90/Month

Twelve Month Commitment . $85/Month



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Traveling Cross-fitters and fitness enthusiasts looking to drop in are always welcome, if possible drop us a line or call so we know when to expect you.  Arrive a couple minutes early to complete the participants form and get acquainted with the coach.

Family Friendly

Kids are welcome in the kids play area during all class times.