Ian Braunschneider

Ian was born in Southwest Michigan. Raised on a small farm and working on the large farm across the street, hard work was engrained in him since he was a child. “I always wanted to have muscles as big as my mom’s! Finally, at 34-years-old, I’m almost there!” After graduating from Michigan State University in December of 2004, he high-tailed it out of Michigan in early January of 2005. “After graduating, I had to make the incredibly difficult decision of whether to be a snowboard bum or surf bum.” Thankfully, he chose snowboarding and moved to beautiful Tahoe City, where he met his lovely future wife, Morgan. Working as a RN, he is no longer a bum, and enjoys coaching and participating in Crossfit, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Ian was first introduced to Crossfit while at UNR for nursing school in 2011. He loves Crossfit because of the opportunity it gives him to challenge himself on a daily basis and because of the incredible community within.

Favorite movement: Thrusters

Not-favorite movement: jogging

WOD I hate to love: Fran

WOD I love to have: Linda