CrossFit & F.I.T. Schedule

      *Kids are welcome in the kids play area during all class times and Help us keep it tidy by cleaning up with your kids after class!

Mon.      5:45am . 7:15 . 8:30 . 9:30 FIT . 12pm . 4:30 CF & FIT . 5:45pm

Tues.       5:45am . 7:15 . 8:30 . 9:45 . 4:30 . 5:45pm

Wed.       5:45am . 7:15 . 8:30 . 9:30 FIT . 12pm . 4:30 CF & FIT . 5:45 . 6:45pm

Thur.      5:45am . 7:15 . 8:30 . 9:45 . 12pm . 4:30 . 5:45pm

Fri.          5:45am . 7:15 . 8:30 . 9:30 FIT . 12pm . 4:30 CF & FIT . 5:45pm

Sat. & Sun.  8:00am . 9:15am

 CrossFit and F.I.T. are designed to push your limits, keep you focused, and get you stronger. Whether you're six or sixty, just starting out or looking to compete, our program is designed to motivate and produce results.

 *Travelling Cross-fitters looking to drop in are always welcome, if possible drop us a line or call so we know when to expect you.  Arrive a couple minutes early to complete the participants form and get acquainted with the coach.

Auxiliary Classes

     *Included in all Unlimited CrossFit Memberships

Mobility - Tuesday's at 11:00am

Olympic Weightlifting - Tuesday's at 12:00pm and Saturday's at 10:30am

Gymnastics - Clinics Scheduled Monthly

Endurance - Tuesday at 9:30am and Thursday at 9:30am

Private Instruction and Sport Specific Training

Are you or your youth athlete looking for one on one training, individualized programming, sport specific strength and conditioning, or just the support and drive to accomplish your next goal?  We can help, working from the foundation up with nutrition, posture, position, movement and mechanics our programs support virtuosity and longevity for all athletes at any level.

One hour Session . $65

     *add $10 per additional participant, per session        

10 Private Session Package . $585

Truckee Tahoe Weightlifting Team

In collaboration with Coach Lisa Renschen, Tahoe Power Lab is the home of the Tahoe Truckee Weightlifting Team.  

Team training sessions provide an individualized program developing skills in the competition lifts; the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  Additionally, sessions assist in preparing each lifter for upcoming competition. The team will be traveling to competitive weightlifting meets on a semi regular basis, primarily on a local level, but nationally as well.  All level weightlifters are welcome to join.  Whether you have been thinking about competing or just want to becoming more proficient with the barbell this is the way to get there!  

Team Membership (Month to Month) . $100

Team Training Sessions - Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm . Saturday at 10:30am

Still have question? Drop us a line, or a call.

Drop In Rates

Select the Drop in package that works best During your visit!

Group Class Drop In . $20 

2 Day Drop In $30    

Travelers 7 Day Pass . $55

On-Ramp Program and Rate   

Designed for the new member with no previous exposure to CrossFit, our on-ramp class will give you the right tools to confidently begin taking part in group classes.  Each session will focus on CrossFit's core methodology, fundamental movements, class structure, goal development and more.  Participants will attend three individually scheduled one on one (or small group if you start with a friend) training sessions ($195 Value).  After completing your On-Ramp sessions, the remaining month of group classes is on us!

On-Ramp Program . $160               


     *Discounts for Fire Personnel, Law Enforcement, Emergency Service Workers, Educational Workers

     *Discounts for youth athletes and college students