Scott Mathot

There and Back Again, an adventurous hobbit’s tale full of dwarves, elves, and second breakfasts. Wait, not really, except the second breakfast part. I love second breakfast Scott is a born and bred Truckee native who loves his CrossFit Community and Truckee as a whole. Scott started CrossFit in June of 2014 after marrying his high school sweetheart and realizing he needed to change his rollercoaster weight and exercise patterns. Since starting CrossFit, Scott has found that his weight, strength, and health stay balanced at levels that are easy to maintain or adjust to meet the needs of his training desires. He is passionate about CrossFit because the CrossFit Community is his family and he thoroughly enjoys spending an hour a day with every person in the gym.

Scott graduated from Truckee High School and then the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Civil Engineering. He currently works, loves, and lives in Truckee pouring into his passions: family, engineering, and CrossFit.

Beam me up, Scotty.

Favorite movement is: POWER CLEANS! Wait, hang power cleans! ... BOTH! And power snatches! Maybe I just love powerful things!

Least favorite movement is: HSPU. How in the world are those supposed to get any easier?

WOD he loves to hate: Death by Burpees. Need I explain more?

WOD he hates to love(s): Amanda, because snatching and muscle ups feel good!