One of the highlights of my day is entering the doors of CFT to enjoy the incredible culture and camaraderie with my fellow athletes of all ages and abilities. I was seeking a respite from the everyday busy schedules and commitments to rejuvenate my energy through working out at the gym and had no idea how this environment would also feed my soul and well being in such a positive manner. This environment is created by the entire coaching staff that is truly engaged with all athletes on the physical and mental level in such a genuine manner that is real and comes from the heart. I feel fortunate to be a part of this family where all walks of life are encouraged to perform at the best of their abilities and support each other on their journey.
— Shane Jones - Truckee, CA

I move quite a bit but the first thing I usually do in a new place is find a CrossFit gym. I have been to many gyms and this is by far the best one I have had the pleasure of being with. Alex and Asa and the whole staff are great. Very knowledgeable. Not only can they teach you new movements but refine your technique for maximum efficiency on exercises or forms you already know. The programming is unique, challenging and versatile. The options for class times are extremely convenient. The variety of classes offered is amazing. From gymnastics, to strength to yoga you can literally switch up the type of class you attend every day or stick with the good old CrossFit class. If you have ankle bitters or crumb munchers there is a fantastic play area for them while you get your sweat on. The place is crawling with friendly people whose faces you would enjoy seeing even in the middle of a burpee thruster workout. I highly recommend making them a part of your life.
— Jennifer Cudnik - Truckee, CA

My husband and I have dropped in 3 times in the last month while visiting family in the area. Everyone has been so welcoming and this time we even plunked our girls (2.5 and 6) in the great kids area while we worked out. They make the most of their space and the coaches and regulars do a great job of supporting everyone in the class (even us drop ins). We’re in Truckee a few times a year and will drop in every time we come up in the future. See you in January CrossFit Truckee!
— The Nash Family - Bay Area, CA