Tahoe Truckee Weightlifting Team

In collaboration with Coach Dale Nolan Tucker, Tahoe Power Lab is the home of the Tahoe Truckee Weightlifting Team.  

Team training sessions provide an individualized program developing skills in the competition lifts; the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  Additionally, sessions assist in preparing each lifter for upcoming competition. The team will be traveling to competitive weightlifting meets on a semi regular basis, primarily on a local level, but nationally as well.  All level weightlifters are welcome to join including those not interested in the competitive side of weightlifting.  Whether you have been thinking about competing or just want to becoming more proficient with the barbell this is the way to get there!  


Team Training Schedule

90-120 Minute Sessions

Tues.       4:30pm

Thur.       4:30pm

Sat.        10:30am

Membership Rates

Month to Month . $100/Month


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Traveling weightlifters looking to drop in are always welcome, if possible drop us a line or call so we know when to expect you.  Arrive a couple minutes early to complete the participants form and get acquainted with the coach.

Family Friendly

Kids are welcome in the kids play area during all class times.